Thursday, June 05, 2003

You can probably guess which war action movie I'll be watching tonight on Channel 5. Great stuff.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Hi, I'm not dead!

Apologies to my regular readers (all six of you). I've been hard at work at a new job that requires lots of goggle-eyed computer work so while there's been plenty to write about I've been wanting to do something different for the remaining three hours of my day. Things are beginning to settle down now so let's see how it goes.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

I'm settling into a new job this week so no posts for a few days. Later!

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Oh, yes, and there was The Budget. More tax, 'nuff said.

It's A Boy!

What a day. I was in such a rush this morning getting ready for a job interview that I wasn't really paying attention to the news. The BBC was in a huffy mood about something or other, and just before I went out the door I caught a snippet saying that the journalist's minders had vanished. Good news but it was a busy day and I went hours without reading any updates or talking about the war so discovering the jubilation in Baghdad was even more of a welcome surprise than it otherwise might have been.

What a difference a day makes, eh? There is this overwhelming sense that something changed irrevovably, that a boulder, poised on the edge of a rockface, teetering backwards and forwards, had come crashing down at last. The Iraqis aren't afraid of Saddam any more. He may still be alive and his loyalists may even hold some ground but it doesn't matter. The idea of Saddam is dead. The omnipotent father of the nation, stern in his love and awful in his wrath, is gone. The airstrikes didn't kill that idea on the first night of the war - it took time and effort to to break the grip the Ba'athists had on the Iraq's soul - but now the balance has tipped for good.

It's a brand new bouncing baby boy of a nation, and its cries are understandably loud. There is looting amid the celebration, and probably some settling of scores going on in the background. This will go on for a while, but it will peter out. But right now, oh boy, happy day. Nothing makes my afternoon like seeing a dictator's effigy being ripped down and smashed.

This must stick in the craw of the anti-war leftists who insisted so shrilly that the Iraqis hated the forces of liberation more than their domestic oppressor. No doubt they will paint it as mass hysteria, as relief at the end of the bombing, as carefully choreographed propaganda. Well forget it. Today the people of Baghdad celebrated the ousting of tyranny and there's not a damn thing the sour cynicism of Pilger, Fisk et al can do about it. They were wrong, and in future every time their knee-jerk anti-Western miserablism rises to the surface they should be reminded of their folly.

The war hurt innocent people, and I don't think there any words adequate to describe the horror they suffered. No one can offer them consolation other than that these deaths were not taken lightly by either supporters or opponents of the war. I hope that special efforts will be made to turn these sentiments into concrete action.

It's not over but just remember - today is the day it turned around.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

If you've read any blogs on passing today you'll have come across praise for Michael Gove's piece today. At the risk of boring you with repetition, yes, go read the whole thing. It's succinct, to the point and right:

Three myths stand out as ripe for deconstruction. The first is the allegation, peddled by Charles Kennedy and Robin Cook among others, that Britain and America armed Saddam’s tyranny. The second piece of nonsense is the notion that targeting Baghdad was somehow a “diversion” from the war on terrorism. The third canard overdue for stuffing is the argument that we must now show “evenhandedness” by enforcing UN resolutions against Israel, just as we have against Iraq.

Go on, Michael, take 'em down.

Monday, April 07, 2003

The Two Georges

According to The Indy, George Galloway's present predicament may be described thus:

His obsession with the Middle East, which began with a chance meeting with a Palestinian at the age of 19, may have robbed Labour of one of its greatest talents. His rhetoric is widely acknowledged as elegant, and he has the steely intellect that New Labour so prizes in its ministers.

Here's a sample of that elegant rhetoric:

"I regard you as a whore writing for a pimp. The Sun is in the sewer, you merely in the gutter; no doubt looking up at the stars (and stripes). Not only will I not speak to you, I feel tainted merely writing to you. Please do not attempt to contact me again."

Classy. His steely intellect can be sampled here, where he displays the persecution complex beloved of all fools who think they're martyrs:

I don't want to be pushed out of Labour politics. After 35 years, and having served at every level, I suspect I love the Labour party rather more than Mr Blair does. I hope he will eschew a witch-hunt. But, just in case, my friends and I are busy building the new Glasgow central constituency into an impregnable fortress of real Labour values. Mr Blair and his peculiar allies, his army of rightwing hacks and control-freaks, may well besiege it. But they will have their work cut out to overcome it.

If that's an allusion to Baghdad (and I suspect it is) he'd better hope his strategy works better than his buddy Saddam's. Serious talk of the city being an impregnable anything died about two days ago.

God, there's so much stuff about Galloway you could write a book. Harry Hatchet hacks into him, highlighting the fact that Galloway transformed an innocent appeal on behalf of a four-year old girl with leukaemia into a fully-fledged sanctions-busting fund.

The likes of Fisk and Pilger are just useful idiots but Galloway is truly repellant.

Sunday, April 06, 2003

Iraqis Catch Tank, Shoot Sky

Iraqi fighters are making a show of the one (1) Abrams tank they managed to put out of action. Television pictures showed them perched on the tank's carcass firing their AK-47s into the air. Seeing as they only managed to engage some hapless passing seagulls, maybe they should save their ammunition. They're going to need it.

UPDATE: Unbelievable. Fisky is trying to spin this into an American failure. Sounds like he nearly shat himself when the US aircraft returned for another visit. Well, he's got plenty of bog roll just in case.

First Sign of Uprising

There's been much talk of the media's lack of good old-fashioned patriotism, but The Primary Main Objective has discovered one reporter varnishing the flagpole. Sounds like there's at least one fan of unilateral action out there. Or maybe he was making some mayo for his MRE.

Ah, the possibilities are endless. If you have more Gulf War II-specific phrases for pulling the pud let me know and I'll list the best ones.

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