Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Short Break

Sorry about the light blogging over the last couple of weeks. I've got loads to do and just haven't had the time to hike o'er Blogland. So I'm taking a few days off and barring a tsunami appearing on the horizon, the Second Coming or an alien invasion I'll be back on Monday.

Stephen: don't worry, your friends can be idiots and still be your friends. Give them a slap and see if you can shine some light into their moral blind spot. When it comes to the pro-war versus anti-war arguments the devil will always have the best tunes.

Oh, and avoid Daredrivel (if you haven't been dragged to it for Valentine's Day already). This is a film with no middle. I'm trying to pinpoint when action movies turned into leather-clad chopsocky nonsense stuffed with showy camerawork. I reckon The Matrix had something to do with it. Give me Bruce Willis in a string vest shooting people and blowing things up any day. Later.

Monday, February 17, 2003

The One Cop They Could Buy

Lothian and Borders Police are allowing private companies to hire extra police officers. It's common sense and a logical extension of the arrangements for policing big public events. Police numbers in Scotland have risen only half as much as in England and Wales over the last year so the extra sponsorship should help bridge the gap.

Not In Our Name But Theirs

Iraqi dissidents vent their spleen at anti-war protesters here.

Over 90,000 protesters marched to the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow to shout at Tony Blair for a while. I had a good afternoon in the pub.

Samizdata has pictures of the London rally, with Perry de Havilland and David Carr looking pretty nonplussed.

Catallaxy Files has a good pair of contrasting pictures. There's really no comparison, but still. Ouch. I hope the million odd marchers had a really nice day - most of them looked like they enjoyed themselves - but I'll listen to the handful of dissidents who speak from experience first.

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